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TEXXCORE: yesterday, today, tomorrow

TEXCCORE was founded in 1966, March 25, as Volzhsky Plant of Synthetic Fibers. The facilities of Nylon 6 cord fabric production were put into operation that day. In 2000 the enterprise was reformed into Sibur-Volzhsky, JSC. In 2006 Sibur-Volzhsky, JSC was included in one of the biggest tyre companies in Eastern Europe SIBUR-Russian Tyres.

Throughout all the history the enterprise has experienced both the plentiful growth periods and hard times but business development has been keeping up. The Company always aimed to turn out products conforming to the quality standards and requirements of the tire industry. Recently active development of new types of products meeting the increasing market requirements has been actively carried out. Thus, trial lots of Polyester and Nylon 6.6 cord fabrics were produced in 2010.

Since December 28, 2011 the Company’s new chapter of history has started. Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat, has become the shareholder of Sibur-Volzhsky. Some months later the Company has been renamed into Gazprom khimvolokno.

In January, 2013 Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6 and Polyester dipped cord fabrics production has been brought into operation. The new production line is constructed based on the equipment made by the leading global manufacturers in the field of chemical mechanical engineering.

The new equipment allowed improving product quality according with international standards, to reduce power consumption, to increase productivity, to improve enterprise’s economic indicators. It has also given the opportunity to react flexibly on changes of cord fabrics market conditions. The new cabling and weaving equipment allows manufacturing wide range of high quality Nylon 6, Nylon 6.6 and Polyester cord fabrics.

According to the main activity of Gazprom StroyTEK Salavat the production diversification was planned at Gazprom khimvolokno. In 2013 the Company put into operation the manufacture of modern technical fabrics made of polyester and Nylon yarns for reinforcing conveyor belts and other rubber goods.

In 2014 the manufacture of wide range of Polyester Geogrids has been started. Geogrids are produced from high modulus Polyester yarns and applied in automobile and railway roads construction, ground stabilization, oil-and-gas and other technical facilities construction.

In 2014 the company put into operation the manufacture of Polyester tapes for different industrial application.

In 2015 the company started the manufacture of Polyester yarns HMLS, HM, HT. The own manufacture of Polyester yarns raw materials allowed to reduce dependence on external suppliers of raw materials and to lower the final cost value of the fabrics. Our company is the only producer of Polyester yarns in Russia.

From 2016, textile tapes are produced for the production of slings.

Since November 2018, the company receives a new name Joint-stock Company "TEXXCORE".

JSC «TEXXCORE» is constantly and dynamically developing enterprise, which is capable to respond efficiently the market changes, to follow the customers’ requirements and to comply with partners and employees interests.

Modern, high technology equipment of world leaders in chemical engineering «Barmag», «LIBA», «Ontec», «Oerlikon Saurer», «Lindauer Dornier», «Texmer», «Gilbos», «Benninger Zell GmbH» allow to increase and widen up the range of products ensuring the high quality adequate to world standarts.

Half-century experience of qualified personnel, the usage of the latest technologies and high technology equipment in the field of technical textiles help us to take the leading position in domestic market.

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