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Secondary PET chip specification

Secondary polyester material

Secondary PET chip specification

Secondary no crystalline PET chip is obtained with extrusion followed by granulation and dehydration process. It is made of fiber materials from textile production and our own substandard yarns.

Item No. Item Unit Standard value Average true value
1 Physical form, color - Transparent pellets,
color as per sample
Transparent pellets
with yellow tinge
2 Intrinsic Viscosity (DCA-solvent) dl/g 0,63–0,85 0,77
3 Melting point, no less than °Ñ 246 256
4 Carboxylic End groups mM/kg 25-45 25
5 Moisture Content, not more than % 1,0 0,131
6 Dust content, not more than % 0,3 0,0042
7 Bulk density, not more than kg/m3 850 815
8 Weight of 100 pellets g 1,5–3,0 1,7
9 Mass share of impurity inclusions, not more than % 0,5 0
10 Content of pellets with foreign
substances, not more than
% 0,6 0

Packing – secondary PET chips are packed in soft containers (big bags), according to EFIBCA standard, from 500 kg to 1 mt.

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