Our History

The production history of the factory started in March 25, 1966: the state industrial factory Volzhsky Synthetic Fiber Factory was created and the cord production was started.  In September 27, 2000 the enterprise was renamed into “Sibur-Volzhsky” OJSC and started a new development stage in its history. In 2006 our company joined the largest tire holding in Eastern Europe “SIBUR-Russian Tires”.

Throughout its history, the company has experienced both periods of rapid growth and difficult times, but the development of the company did not stop. The company has always tried to produce products that meet both quality standards and tire industry requirements. Recently, there has been an active development of the new range of products that meet the growing market requirements. Thus, in 2010, the enterprise produced pilot lots of polyester and cords made of Nylon 6.6.

The production of Nylon (NY-6 and NY-6.6) and polyester dipped cord fabrics was started in January 2013.

The new production line was constructed on the basis of equipment manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturers in chemical engineering.

The new equipment made it possible to reduce the energy intensity of production, increase productivity, significantly improve the economic performance of the factory, as well as create the opportunity to respond to changes in the cord fabrics market, since the new cabling and weaving equipment allows to produce the wide range of Nylon (NY-6 and NY-6.6) and polyester cord fabrics.

In accordance with the main business approach the company is developing the new wide range of its production. Since 2013 the company produces modern technical fabrics made of polyester and Nylon 6.6 yarn to produce industrial rubber products. The technical fabrics production is performed using the world leaders engineering equipment.

In 2014 the production of geogrids made of polyester yarn using warp-knitting technology was started in order use in the construction of roads, railways, soil stabilization while constructing oil/gas and other technical structures.

The production of polyester yarn for technical/cord fabrics and geogrids was started in 2015. Nowadays, factory is the only producer of polyester yarn in Russia.

The textile tapes for slings production was started in 2016.

In November 2018 the company was renamed into “TEXXCORE” JSC.

“TEXXCORE” JSC is one of the most high-tech factories in Russia to produce cord and industrial fabrics.

“TEXXCORE” JSC keeps on rapidly developing align with the market demands, respecting the interests of consumers, suppliers, employees and partners.

Modern and high technology production equipment of the world’s leading companies  like «Oerlikon Barmag», «Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Twisting Solutions», «Lindauer DORNIER GmbH», «Benninger Zell GmbH», «Texmer» and others allow to increase and wide the range of products, ensuring quality in accordance with European and world standards.