Corporate values


When its born, synthetic strands look like an endless warm flow going out of the nozzles. If you look at this for a long time, you can feel the idea of CONTINUITY. The same idea run through the whole history of our factory – history of labor feat, technological breakthroughs, overcomes and victories. For over half a century TEXXCORE produces polymer yarn and fabrics, supplying products of the highest quality and getting invaluable experience.


Among the set of qualities of any synthetic material there is always one of particular, key importance. For chemical yarn it is STRENGTH based on crystal symmetry polymers. Lightness, moisture resistance and economy of synthetics found a use for themselves after the extraordinary strength paved her way from the laboratory to the world. In our production, STRENGTH is the principle. We are guided by it in all processes, from the choice of a specific equipment before making strategic decisions.


Newly spun polymer yarn is cut to match according to technological standards, but soon continuity returns to it in the form of the integrity of the fabric. Integrity is achieved internal connections imperceptible to the eye, precise and accurate, like the knots with which the knotting machine ties the threads. Exactly also, all the processes in our enterprise are imperceptibly interconnected with another principle of wholeness. Integrity in the meaning of universal focus on results, where the goal that creates integrity is one – PRODUCT QUALITY.

Our friendly team is rightfully proud of more than half a century of enterprise traditions
and continues them in the new achievements of the new century.