Quality, environmental management system and labour protection policy

JSC “TEXXCORE” is the producer of dipped and heat-treated cord fabric, industrial fabric, industrial dipped fabric, industrial wefted polyester belts, geotextils, industrial high modulus polyester yarn, twisted thread, multiple wound yarn, multiple wound and twisted yarn, secondary polyethylene terephthalate (PET).


MISSION: to supply the market with quality product delivered to tire companies, construction, major pipeline repair, reconstruction objects and rubber technical goods companies.
PERSPECTIVE: to take a leadership position on the Russian dipped and heat-treated cord fabric, industrial fabric, industrial dipped fabric, industrial wefted polyester belts, geotextils; to develop new markets of industrial high modulus polyester yarn, twisted thread, multiple wound yarn, multiple wound and twisted yarn, secondary polyethylene terephthalate (PET), to improve the attractiveness of the Company for the shareholders and investors due to adaptation of new products, diversification of activities.
PURPOSE: increase product consumers’ satisfaction. Product competitiveness is provided by product quality and supplies reliability.

To achieve the desired purpose and to realize quality policy the Company management headed by the General Director has defined the following principles to be completed and appeal to all the Company employees to follow these principles namely:

  • Continuous quality management system improvement certified in accordance with requirements of IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 standards.
  • Maintaining the stability and constant product quality improvement.
  • Products and service suppliers’ selection and approval by monitoring and estimation, initiation mutually beneficial long-term relationships with approved suppliers.
  • All level personnel’s participation and involvement in direct participation of quality assurance, prevention problems, mistakes and defects before their appearance.
  • Dynamic response on changing requirements by means of systematic monitoring consumers’ inquiries, analysis of existing and definition of supposed requirements, getting feedback about consumers’ satisfaction.
  • All personnel development and competence improvement.
  • Compliance of statuary and regulatory requirements connected with the infrastructure, designing, development, purchasing, production, product storage, product delivery and personnel training.
  • The efficiency using of resources and processing approach continuous management basing on systematic monitoring, analyses and evaluation of effectiveness, execute correcting and preventing activities to eliminate detected inconsistencies.

The quality management system (QMS) in JSC “TEXXCORE” in accordance with ISO 9001 was developed and first certified in 2008.

In 2015 JSC “TEXXCORE” fulfilling customer requirements, the production of tire cord fabrics are certified in accordance with the requirements of the IATF 16949.


The company’s management ensures the protection of the environment, prevents its pollution and strives to achieve high results in the field of ecology through the implementation of the following obligations:

  • compliance with legislative, regulatory and other requirements accepted by the Company and related to its ecological aspects;
  • rational use of energy resources;
  • reducing the negative impact of the company’s activities on the environment by reducing the amount of production and consumption waste, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, improving the quality and reducing the amount of wastewater by improving technological processes, introducing waste-free and low-waste technologies, monitoring the environment, forming a conscious attitude of the company’s employees to environmental issues;
  • increasing the level of the personnel knowledge in the field of ecology and the environment management system;
  • timely and comprehensive informing the concerned parties of the Company’s activities in the field of environment protection;
  • work performance for decreasing of risk of possible emergencies which upset ecological balance;
  • taking appropriate measures to prevent and to response emergencies and their consequences;
  • effective performance and continuous improvement of the environment management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) at JSC “TEXXCORE” in accordance with ISO 14001 is free of charge and was first certified in 2010.


PURPOSE: Preservation of life, health and performance of a person in the labor process, ensuring the safety of production processes and equipment, preventing industrial injuries and occupational diseases, improving working conditions and safety of employees.

Key principles and tasks to be fulfilled by the Company:

  • ensuring the priority of preserving the life and health of employees;
  • compliance with federal laws and other regulatory legal acts, labor protection programs and other requirements that the Company undertakes to comply with;
  • creation and maintenance of the labor protection management system;
  • systematic monitoring of labor conditions and safety;
  • conducting a special assessment of working conditions;
  • formation of the responsibility of managers for ensuring safe working conditions for employees during the operation of buildings, structures, equipment and the implementation of technological processes, improving the safety culture in departments and the level of transparency in reporting on injuries and incidents.

The main directions of labour protection Policy are:

  • continuous improvement of working conditions and labor protection of employees by improving technological processes, technical equipment, raising the level of qualifications of employees;
  • equipping employees with modern personal protective equipment against dangerous and harmful production factors with protective characteristics that correspond to working conditions;
  • informing employees of the Company, as well as the public about activities in the field of health and safety at work;
  • involvement of the Company’s employees in active participation in labor protection work;
  • performance by contractors admitted to the facilities of the Company for carrying out work of the standards and rules in force in the Company in the field of occupational safety and health of employees.

The top management of the company is committed to:

  • allocation of the necessary resources for the implementation of environmental policy, the functioning and improvement of the environmental management system. The top management of the company intends to follow the objectives of the environmental policy and require strict compliance with the requirements of environmental management from the company personnel and from organizations working for or on behalf of the enterprise.
  • observance of the principle of compliance with the importance of decisions made on production issues and decisions on labor protection, ensuring at all levels of personnel management conditions under which the implementation of decisions on labor protection is carried out with the same sequence and responsibility as all production decisions.

General Director of JSC “TEXXCORE”