Engineering infrastructure

Major modern production requires stabilized energy resources, and to achieve this purpose, we have created a trigeneration system at the factory. It provides the factory with electrical energy, thermal energy and cold. The basis of the trigeneration system is an energy center based on gas piston units Jenbacher Austria. The energy center generates up to 12 megawatts of electrical energy and up to 11 megawatts of thermal energy. At the same time, to ensure the sustainability of technological cycles, the previous network infrastructure has been preserved, which allows switching to an external source of electricity, if necessary, this is the main step-down substation 110/6 kV with two transformers with a capacity of 40 MW each. Parallel operation of the power center and the external network supplying the main step-down substation 110/6 kV, allows the power center to be serviced without interrupting the electricity at the enterprise, which ensures a continuous technological process of production.

Gas piston units convert the energy of natural gas into electricity and heat. Thermal energy in winter period is supplied to the factory heating system. As a result, all premises of the enterprise are heated using internal resources. In the summer period, heat energy is converted to cold. Absorption refrigeration machines absorb heat and produce a refrigerating resource of 7 ° C water for technological processes and maintain the required temperature conditions of the microclimate in the shops, on which the quality of products directly depends. As part of the project, we have reconstructed all electrical and heating networks of the factory, built a high-pressure gas pipeline. Stability in the supply of energy resources is a priority task, and trigeneration successfully solves it.

Also, the enterprise uses equipment made in Belgium and Germany, which it has carried out its own production of compressed air and nitrogen, for the needs of the technological process of production.