R&D Department

Application of nanomaterials
(graphene nanotubes)
Increase in tensile strength,
elastic modulus, stability indices
Providing better
durability of products

Currently, the R&D department of the TEXXCORE company are executing and supervising the following projects:

  • Development and production of super low shrinkage polyester yarn (SLS) for composite materials;
  • Development and production of yarn with hydrophobic properties for canvas fabric;
  • Continue work with changing the number of filaments in the production of polyester yarns;
  • The use of nanomaterials in the production of polyester yarn in order to improve the strength characteristics, resistance to cyclic tests, UV resistance, reduce the electrical resistance of finished materials, etc.;
  • Development and production of technical fabric impregnated with EE-500;
  • Analysis and development of measures to improve the adhesive properties between the cord fabric and the rubber compound;
  • Production of antistatic mesh for mining;
  • Production of banner mesh with PVC impregnation (transparent, colored).