Laboratory equipment

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

This method is used in the central factory laboratory to assess the phase transitions occurring in the test object when it is heated using the DSC 1 device and allows the following polymer characteristics to be determined: melting point, glass transition temperature, crystallization temperature and degree of crystallinity.

Determination of these characteristics allows you to effectively control the process of obtaining a stretched polyester thread and achieve the necessary physical and mechanical parameters.

Breaking machine INSTRON with a set of pneumatic clamps are designed to determine the qualitative indicators of cord fabric: breaking load, elongation at break, elongation at certain load.

TST-2 device

It is used to determine the indicators: linear shrinkage, shrinkage stress.

Vulcanizing press

Determination of bond strength of a cord thread, technical fabric with rubber (H-test, Pill-test)..

To carry out the process of vulcanization of samples in the CFL, a laboratory vulcanization press TR-600 is used.

Testing machines H5KS, TiniusOlsen

They are used to determine the quality indicators of elongated yarn, twisted yarn, knitted-twisted yarn, cord fabric: breaking load, elongation at break, elongation under certain loads.

Moisture meter – designed to determine the residual moisture content of materials by the express method.

Breaking machine Statimat 4U with AUTOCANT system

It is used for testing stretched yarn, which allows the determination of indicators: breaking load, elongation at break, loads, specific breaking load, coefficient of variation, modulus of elasticity, actual linear density, tex, etc. in automatic mode.

Gas chromatograph – designed to analyze the composition, structure and quality of liquid and gas samples in organic and inorganic compounds.

Photoelectric concentration colorimeter KFK-3-KM – designed to determine the concentration of substances in liquid solutions by the colorimetric method, as well as to measure the optical density of substances.

Bellows aspirator AM-0059 designed for pumping the test gas mixture through the indicator tubes during the express determination of the content of harmful substances in the air of the working area.